Our Mission

We at WellWomanQC are here to provide Quad City and surrounding area moms, young and seasoned women, or any gender, body type, and fitness level with sound fitness, nutrition, and wellness training and coaching to help in getting back to the healthy body you are comfortable in!  We believe in you, even when you don't, and we are in the business of transformation, inside AND out!

We also believe in inner strength.  The process starts with YOU.  Once you gain the perseverance to stay on your healthy path and learn non-food coping skills, you will learn techniques to be your best self.  We at WellWomanQC want you to feel GOOD in your skin, no matter what point in your weight-loss or athletic journey you find yourself.  We want you to feel confident, hopeful, and ready to start the journey of self-discovery. 

Services We Provide

Here at WellWomanQC, we believe if one cog of the machinery is malfunctioning, the rest of the cogs are useless.  This is why we provide a wide variety of services to address ALL parts of the machine! If you feel better holistically, the better choices you make.  We also will always come to you, should you prefer.  WellWomanQC understands it is difficult to leave the house with new babies and children, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

The first meeting with Ally is always free of charge.  In this meeting, clients will be weighed, as well as have their measurements taken, and given a few brief fitness tests to see where they fall on the fitness readiness spectrum.

WellWomanQC holds professional liability insurance through Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company to keep all clients and the WWQC business safe.  Ally is also certified and trained in American Red Cross First Aid, and CPR/AED for both children and adults.  

WWQC accepts clients ages 18 and over, and as young as 16 with parental/guardian approval.

Services WWQC provides:

  • Private Personal Training via in-home visit or WWQC home gym

  • Online Personal Training (clients will need Skype or Facetime capabilities, resistance bands and/or free weights, and a yoga mat)

  • Small Group Personal Training via in-home visit or WWQC home gym

  • Nutritional Coaching, via in-home visit or WWQC home gym

  • Wellness and Fitness Coaching, via in-home visit/online, with weekly check-ins via phone or e-mail

Please contact Ally at wellwomanqc@gmail.com or at 309-292-1866 for details on pricing and fees.

The WellWomanQC Guarantee

While WWQC understands some companies and in-home fitness brands are vital and beneficial for some, WWQC will NEVER attempt to sell you on products (smoothies, food plans, exercise programs, etc.) from other companies.  WWQC believes in eating whole, clean, non-processed foods you can buy at your local grocer or farmers market, as well as providing NASM-based fitness programs and macronutrient coaching, tailored by WWQC just for you.  We want to give you our best, which means it will always come from US.

About Allison Elfline

After having her first baby, WellWomanQC owner and certified personal trainer Allison (Ally) Elfline struggled to get back into her fitness routine like many new moms do. Since the birth of her daughter in June 2014, Ally has lost 62 pounds with a solid nutrition and fitness program.  With a passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others, Ally made the decision to get certified as a personal trainer, with specializations in Fitness Nutrition and Women's Fitness.  Ally is certified in Personal Training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has her Nutrition Coaching Certification with Eat To Perform.  She hopes to help other new moms and women on their fitness and nutritional journey! Ally also holds a Masters of Education degree in Counseling/Behavioral Health.  Since 2011, Ally has been working as a health and fitness coach, helping thousands achieve their health and fitness goals. Ally's favorite way to stay fit is running, strength-training/weight-lifting, and Krav Maga. She lives in Rock Island, Illinois with her husband Rob, daughter Violet, two dogs, and a tuxedo cat named Garbage.