Workout of the Day

So yesterday, I asked on my WWQC Facebook page what my clients and fans would like to see on my blog.  A few people gave some great ideas for topics, which I will get to in a few days.

However, today, I'm posting my WOD, or Workout of the Day.

I am currently in week 4 (recovery week) of my 7th Round of P90X3.  I love this program, as it allows me to get in a really intense 30 minutes of work so I can devote the rest of my day to either my daughter, my family, my clients, or my work schedule at both Weight Watchers or The Group.

I was hoping to get in a recovery run after a great 5K time this past weekend, but the humidity is still pretty high, which means my asthma would have given me a difficult time of things.  Even though it's recovery week, it doesn't mean I get to slack off.  Today was Accelerator, a pretty intense HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio workout that hits EVERYTHING.  Cardio, core, lower and upper body strength.

The workout is as follows:

3 reps Speed Salutation: like a Sun Salutation, but much faster.

1 minute of Twist and Pivot: step and pivoting feet as twisting the torso.  Rev up every 15 seconds.

1 minute of Foot Pursuit: High knees, run in place. Alternate with sprints.

1 minute of Get up, Get down: Like a Burpee without the jumps, but add in push-ups every so often.

1 minute of X Jacks: Like Jumping Jacks, but arms go into an X position.  Alternate with Punch Jacks.

1 minute of Balance Burpees: Start in wide sumo squat, then hands on floor and jump back into plank. Do a side-arm-balance, then a push-up, and repeat on the other side. Jump back up into sumo squat.  This one is a killer for the quads.

1 minute of Slalom Hops: Take two small towels (I use washcloths), and begin jumping laterally inside and out of them.  Start slow, then rev up.

1 minute of Mountain Climbers: In plank, pull knee up to chest, and alternate.

1 minute of Spin Stops: Deep squat start, alternate turning 45 degrees between a low and high jump.  Another quad killer.

1 minute of Plank Walkers: in plank position, walk on hands and feet forward, right, left, or backward.

30 seconds of Joel Jumps, each side: Jump forward and land on one foot, touching the floor with opposite hand, then jump backward on same foot.  Do for 30 seconds, then switch feet.

1 minute of Plank Circles: like Plank Walkers, but in a circle this time.  Killer.

1 minute of Roadrunner: Start in a deep lunge, and alternate feet, never allowing head to come up too high. Repeat.

1 minute Double Trouble Climbers: A bit like Mountain Climbers, but opposite knee goes to opposite arm in Plank.  Once in Sphinx, pull knee up to same side tricep.

1 minute Diamond Hops: Like Slalom Hops, but jumping to each of the four corners of your small towel.

1 minute Swimmer's Planks: Alternating raising opposite arm and leg.  Just an absolute killer.

1 minute Speed Skater: On one leg, jump to the opposite foot, allowing other leg to cross behind.  Alternate between single and double jumps.

1 minute Plank/Sphinx combo: Start in plank, and alternate between this and sphinx.  Meanwhile, lift legs on cue.  Great for the core.

1 minute 3 Squat hops: begin in parallel squat and hop 3 times in either direction.  Alternate between shuffle and high jumps.

1 minute Donkey Kicks: I can't even begin to describe this killer.  It sucks.  Which is the reason it's at the end.

There you have it. A sweaty, intense, HIIT workout.  I'm going to go take a nap now.