Becoming a WellWomanQC Client

WellWomanQC is up and running!  Let's break down what WWQC can do for you

It is important to note that WellWomanQC provides private personal training in your home or at the WWQC home gym, and coaching via in-home visit (yours or ours), phone, and even over email.


  • For most clients, fitness is the easiest piece to fit in to their daily lives.  However, let us be clear: when it comes to weight loss, the equation is easy. 80% Nutrition, 20% Fitness.  Other ways you may have heard is "Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen."  This is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. We cannot undo all our bad habits of eating garbage with a few sessions in the gym.  It's about balance, remember?  Here are WellWomanQC, we specialize in Women's Fitness to give you the best coaching experience possible.
  • When it comes to fitness, this is what Ally is most passionate about for her clients.  Becoming physically fit can set you on a life-long path of feeling amazing both inside and out.
  • Ally is certified as a personal trainer with National Academy of Sport Medicine, specializing in Fitness Nutrition and Women's Fitness. As an NASM-CPT, she can offer in-home training sessions, personalized for your fitness needs and goals.

  • Wellness is a large part of feeling good holistically.  Our definition of wellness at WellWomanQC is finding a balance between all parts of ourselves: mind, body and spirit.  With a Masters Degree in Counseling, Ally is passionate that her clients find balance within themselves to be successful on their paths to health, fitness and happiness.  Wellness coaching is about finding what makes us "stuck", whether it be in a plateau on the scale, or why the scale isn't budging despite our best efforts, and working through it mentally and emotionally by goal setting and commitment.

  • Ally is not a registered dietician, nor does she claim to be an expert at nutrition.  However, she can help you on the right track on what fuel to put into your body when paired with a sound fitness program.  Ally has relationships with area RD's, whom she would be happy to refer you to if need be.

A few other points that are noteworthy.

  • Training and coaching is always done one-on-one to give you the attention you deserve.  WellWomanQC is happy to travel to you should you desire.  We understand how difficult it can be leaving the house with a family in tow.  Coaching and training can be done in your home or in the WWQC home gym.
  • Ally is certified and trained in First Aid, CPR, and Artificial External Defibrillator.  Your safety and health is extremely important to WellWomanQC.
  • WellWomanQC is fully insured with comprehensive property and liability insurance.
  • WellWomanQC accepts cash, check and credit cards.  Fees are affordable, so please email or call us for more details.

I want to make one, very crucial, point.  WellWomanQC will be here for you with a nurturing hand to help guide you to making proper and healthy choices for your nutrition, wellness and fitness.  We will help you with consistency and accountability to your goals.  There is not, nor will there ever be, any judgment on your choices, your body shape/size, or what happened to get you there.  But also know that WellWomanQC will work tirelessly for you to STAY accountable to yourself, your scale, and your goals.  And that starts with YOU. When WellWomanQC leaves your home, YOU are going to be the one responsible for working on your goals, working on fitness, and eating healthy. Getting and staying fit and in shape may not be an easy task.  Nor will it be an overnight success.  It WILL take time.  With consistency and determination, losing weight and becoming fit slowly will keep the longevity of your wellness moving.  If you have the patience and the gumption to get started, WellWomanQC will help get you there.