How Ally became WellWomanQC

Trust me.  I've been where you are.  




This was me, at my goal weight, and only a few days away from conceiving my daughter.  I was in the middle of my first round of P90X and feeling amazing.  I was already an avid runner and athlete, but with P90X I was getting into the best shape of my life!

Then this happened:

My husband and I tried for many, many years to have a baby.  So needless to say, seeing these results was a major shock for us both.

Because of my age and the fact that I would spot every time I would exercise, I laid low during my pregnancy when it came to working out.

Let's fast forward 8 months.  I gained 60 pounds.  Not the number I was shooting for, but I had morning sickness the entirety of both first and second trimester.  Once I hit third trimester, I just wanted to EAT.  FINALLY.  So I did.

7 days from due date!

7 days from due date!

I decided to have a natural birth experience.  Hiring a doula was crucial for this to happen: had she not been there, I don't think I could have gone drug-free.  During my experience, I tried desperately to pay attention to my body.  Granted, I was exhausted after going through induction and 12 hours of labor/3 hours of pushing.  Then she was here! Our perfect little Marshmellow.

I knew after her birth, I wanted to keep that connection I had with my body.  I knew I was capable of more than I ever thought possible after that experience.  I knew my body could take on more than what my mind could comprehend.

6 weeks later, I was given the okay by my OB to begin working out again.  I was stoked.  While I waited a bit to get back into running, I started up P90X again to help start getting my muscles back in fighting shape.  This was me on Day 1.

Let me say, I was never embarrassed of my postpartum body.  While I was not a fan of no workouts for nearly 10 months, I also came to realize my body did an AMAZING thing.  It housed and fed my healthy daughter for 9 months.  It did something I never thought possible.  I tried to be kind to myself, and not push myself too much emotionally during the process of getting back to a comfortable place.

For months, I worked.  HARD.  I made sacrifices and pushed myself physically to limits I didn't know I had.  I started P90X3 just after Christmas 2015.  I got my nutrition in check.  I eventually added running back into my workout program.  I exercised 6 days a week, with one rest day to allow my body to dump all the excess lactic acid.  

I pushed.  And pushed.  And pushed.  I knew that 60 pounds wasn't going to take itself off.  The older I found myself getting, the more I realized I needed to make a huge change to get to where I wanted to be.  I questioned myself.  Why was I doing this?

My "why" was simple.  I wanted to be healthy and energetic to keep up with my daughter.  I wanted to fit into my closet of clothes that I hadn't worn since October of 2013.  I wanted to feel comfortable in my skin again.

I weighed myself this last Friday, October 9.  I found myself only 5 pounds from my goal weight.  That's right.  I've lost 55 of the 60 pounds I gained with my pregnancy.

And here I am. Exactly 16 months and 8 days postpartum.

And here's the thing: I DID THAT.  It was ME who took control of my nutrition, my workout program, and my life.  I am still a work in progress.  I still have goals I am working toward.  I will take those last 5 pounds off.  I will continue to work like a beast to attain the stamina I desire.

I'm here to tell you: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!  

Yes.  It may take time.  It's taken me nearly 17 months.  And yes, you may have to give up some stuff.  Like time.  I make time every day to fit in my workouts and meal planning.  I'm telling you, it is worth it!  You may also have to sacrifice some of your favorite foods.  I'll be the first to admit I LOVE potato chips.  And warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies.  I still allow myself these things from time to time because, yes, I'm a human being and yes, life is meant to be enjoyed.  But I also enjoy them in moderation.

This is where the idea for WellWomanQC came to me.  I realized I wanted desperately to share this knowledge and passion for fitness and nutrition with other moms and women in the Quad City area.  WellWomanQC is here to help you do just this.  WellWomanQC will be here when you are ready to start your journey back to feeling comfortable in your skin again!